When you decide you want to sell, you are not just saying goodbye to your home. You also want a sales process that goes smoothly, gives a good yield and with favourable conditions. Below you can read about the steps we take together.

Our added

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Step by step

Introductory meeting

To ensure that we are the right partner to support you, we will arrange a meeting with you at your
home or at another location of your choice.

Sales advice

Within 2 days of our meeting you will receive concrete sales advice and plan of action.

Collecting information

To ensure that the resale value is as high as possible, we collect all the necessary information
about your property. From who lives next door to you, the state of maintenance to the health of
the Owners' Association. By informing potential buyers as fully as possible and answering
questions, we build trust.

A well-presented house

A tastefully decorated and presented house attracts more viewers. As an extra service, we
therefore help you style and unclutter your home. In addition, we provide an attractive digital
sales brochure with the same presentation on Funda with high-quality photos and video


We always schedule viewings at times when your property is at its most attractive and
there is plenty of natural light.


With a received bid, we give you honest and realistic advice and go for the best offer
combined with the most attractive conditions such as the completion date and any financing

Notarial assistance

We ensure that the verbal agreement is actually recorded in a signed deed of sale.

After care

You can also reach out to us after the handover of keys for (practical) questions.

Sales agent

As the sales agent, we make sure potential buyers are informed as fully as possible and get answers to questions. This is how we build trust.

Styling service

Our styling service and attractive presentation tools are an important part of a successful sale.