You are looking for a house in Amsterdam, but where do you start? And how do you avoid paying too much or buying a house that turns out to be a bad buy? As experienced purchasing agents, we are happy to guide you in your search for your ideal home.

Our added

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Step by step

Introductory meeting

As with any collaboration, it starts with a click. We therefore start with a no-obligation introduction at your home, our office, at work or at another location in the city. We would like to know your housing wishes and ideas and explain our added value. Appointments within or outside office hours or during the weekend are possible.

Viewing together

Together, we view many houses, so that you can quickly fine-tune your own housing wishes. We always go with you.

Determine the budget

In consultation with your financial adviser, we make sure you get your budget and conditions clear so that we can bid successfully.

Check daily offer

We check the offer daily, make a selection linked to your search profile and have regular contact.


We have been doing this work for more than 20 years and know the city at street level. That means we know, for example, in which streets a lot of foundations have been laid or where sewers have been renewed.

Determining value and negotiating

To arrive at a concrete offer, we determine the value. We know how erratic bidding can be and we move quickly to make the best offer in combination with the most attractive conditions regarding completion date and financing conditions.

Valuable network

Fellow real estate agents find us friendly and reliable. We have also built up a strong network of financial advisors, architects, contractors and appraisers from which we can draw.

Notarial assistance

We ensure that the verbal agreement is actually recorded in a signed deed of sale.

After care

You can also reach out to us after the handover of keys for (practical) questions.

Structural knowledge

Thanks to our structural knowledge and years of experience, we are familiar with the quality of construction and we point out risks.