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Susanne Dijkstra

Susanne Dijkstra was born and raised in Voorschoten, near The Hague. She has been living in Amsterdam for over 25 years and has lost her heart to the buzz of the city.

As a student of Pedagogy at the UVA, Susanne started in a tiny attic room in Oud-West. Now she lives with her family with three growing children in the center of Amsterdam in a former weaver's house.

Susanne previously worked as a consultant and manager for the municipality and school boards. Educational innovation and youth were her work areas at the time. She has learned the sales profession as a sales manager of a national childcare organization with more than 400 branches throughout the Netherlands. Brokerage has been a career switch which fits in nicely with her passion for the city of Amsterdam, properties and design. Now it's time for the next step; opening an own agency.

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