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As a Pedagogy student at UVA, I started life in Amsterdam in a tiny attic room in Oud-West. Now I live with my family in a loft apartment in the centre of Amsterdam, in what was the former community centre of the Marineterrain. In the more than 25 years that I have lived in our beautiful capital, I can honestly say I have lost my heart to the buzz of this city.

Before entering the real estate business, I worked as a consultant and manager for municipalities and school boards, dealing with educational renewal and youth policy. I learned the art of selling during my time as sales manager of a national childcare organization with more than 400 branches throughout the Netherlands.

Because of my passion for the city of Amsterdam, houses and design, I decided on a career change in 2014 and became a certified real estate agent. Together with Marieke, I have been the owner of real estate agency Lammers + Dijkstra since 2020. My real estate heart beats faster when I've secured a good deal. For example, buying a house in a good location and making it into something beautiful. Perhaps the house still needs some renovation, but my client has the basis for a good quality house that can
be turned into a dream home.

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